We have spent many years refining a process that delivers results. Working through four development phases, we collaborate continuously with you and your stakeholders, regularly checking against the project goals and ensuring user’s needs are met. Throughout the process, we produce detailed documentation that means we have the same expectations and clear criteria for ensuring the highest quality work.

1. Review

Research - Explore - Report

The purpose of the Review is to get to know you, understand your people, your context and the opportunities and barriers to change so we can best identify how technology can help you achieve your goals and respond to user needs.  Our Reviews result in a specification and outcomes report that will allow the development process to begin.

2. Discover

Consult - Develop - Plan

Once we have an understanding of your needs, we take time to get a deeper insight into the how to address them through consultancy sessions, stakeholder workshops and the production of detailed documentation that will be used throughout the project. The project plan means you know what to expect when.

3. Create

Design - Build - Launch

With the blueprint developed in the Discover phase, we move onto building your application. The first step is to evolve the wireframes into full colour design. Following this, we build the technical infrastructure, add the content and finalise by blending the design and functionality ready for launch.

4. Embed

Strategy - Training - Support

We want you to get the most out of your platform, so we work with you to embed it within your organisation, ensuring an ongoing return on your investment. Through training and a range of support services, we assure your organisation is set up to deal with the digital transformation.

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