Consult and Design are proud to be working with the new children’s services company, Together for Children, which launched in April 2017 to support children and families across the City of Sunderland.

Together for Children, working on behalf of Sunderland City Council and supported by the Department for Education, provides integrated services covering education and children’s social care, as well as early help to the city’s 57,630 children, young people and their families.

The new organisation runs independently from the Council as part of a holistic and long-term service delivery model to ensure the best possible services for children and families.

Alex Hopkins, Chief Executive of Together for Children, said: “As the first of its kind in the country, Together for Children marks a new era of Children’s Services. 

“We will be an innovative company and a beacon for the North East in terms of good practice, focusing on improving the lives of children and their families, keeping them safe from harm, and ensuring they have the opportunity to fulfil their potential."

Powered by Drupal 8, the new website is integral in supporting Together for Children to improve the lives and opportunities for the city’s children and young people. 

The website gives visibility to the new company, providing service information for children, families and practitioners. Providing an easy route to access services and make timely interventions is key to the success of the site and this is reflected in the information architecture, calls to action and page designs created by the Consult and Design team.

Cameron Shaw, Project Manager at Consult and Design, said: “It’s great working with the Together for Children team as they embark upon their journey to ensure the best possible services to children and their families across the City of Sunderland.

“By providing clear direction on what to do if you are in need of help and support, the new website is a vital gateway to information. We’re incredibly proud to have worked on something that will provide access to help and improve the lives and well-being of so many people.”

Find out more information about Together for Children by visiting

David van der Velde

David Van der Velde


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