Towards the end of October, Consult and Design’s Operations Director, Adam Hill, along with more than 250 delegates from 44 countries travelled to Italy to attend the Napoli Conference on “The Next Chapter for Mediterranean Dialogue”, organised by one of our longest serving clients, the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF).

Since its launch in 2005, this inspirational foundation has brought together people from across the Mediterranean with the scope to ‘overcome the misunderstandings and stereotypes which effect relationships between and within societies of the [Mediterranean] region.’ The foundation hopes to ‘bridge the gaps in mutual perceptions, as well as promoting diversity and coexistence.’

The occasion, hosted at the Fondazione Mediterraneo, marked the 10th anniversary of the foundation and brought together civil society networks, regional institutions, media and governmental groups to coordinate efforts in the face of social crises, cultural regression and unprecedented violence in the region.

From 2006, Consult and Design have used their vast experience in delivering high quality projects and unrivaled Drupal knowledge to develop a wide range of digital solutions for the ALF. Our applications are now used by a number of organisations across 42 countries and in multiple languages.

During Adam’s time in Italy, he was able to attend a number of moving events, including a keynote speech made by President Romano Prodi.

Ten years ago, as President of the European Commission, President Prodi founded the High-Level Advisory Group on Intercultural Dialogue in response to the impact that the September 11 atrocities and the War in Iraq had on the relations between Europe and the Arab world.

This group was the catalyst for the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue, which would later become the Anna Lindh Foundation; named after the Swedish Politician who was brutally murdered in 2003.

President Prodi’s speech focused on the adaption of the Foundation and regional response to historic social, cultural and political changes in the Mediterranean, a decade on.

Further events included the ‘Is another Mediterranean possible?’ debate involving EU Commissioner for the European Neighbourhood, Stefan Fule, and the President of the Anna Lindh Foundation, Andre Azoulay.

There were a series of parallel meetings, too: the Anna Lindh Foundation’s Advisory Council and Heads of National Civil Society Networks; the Senior Ambassadors of the 42 Member States of the Union for the Mediterranean; the EU Southern Neighbourhood civil society dialogue forum; and the Italian Civil Society Network for Intercultural Dialogue (RIDE).

The Italian Presidency of the European Union hosted a special event at the eighteenth-century Teatro Mercadante, including the outcome of the Napoli Conference and Mediterranean Awards for leading international figures for dialogue.

You can view the official Anna Lindh Ten Year Anniversary Video below.

Consult and Design have developed and managed a number of solutions for a range of organisations in the public, private and, like Anna Lindh, non-profit sectors both in the UK and abroad.

Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, our clients get exactly what they need in order for their organisation to succeed. From simple content management systems, to multi-language applications with thousands of pages, we pride ourselves on being friendly and values driven. We provide key solutions of the highest quality using the very best tools available.

Adam Hill

Adam Hill


Adam has been working in the tech sector for almost 20 years and has managed many large-scale web development projects. Adam doesn't shut up about Drupal and travels the world to talk about it.

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