This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week, dedicated to celebrating the importance of entrepreneurs in society.

On Tuesday we visited VentureFest North East where we were witness to a huge gathering of people who were either looking to make their big ideas a reality, or take their companies to the next level. It was hugely encouraging to see how active the North East community of entrepreneurs has grown and is thriving with partners, clients and friends all present.

The key characteristics of entrepreneurship (both traditional and social) are often identified as passion, perseverance, resourcefulness, open-mindedness and an acute desire to learn. These are all things that we strive to nurture in the team at Consult and Design and hope that our clients identify with when working with us. In addition to encouraging our staff to work on these aspects of their character, we also carry out a range of work with young people in the community to help inspire a culture of entrepreneurship.

Placement and Internships

Entrepreneurship, like most endeavours that we pursue in life, relies on a collection of personal skills and experiences. An element of this, is being able to understand how businesses operate, both day-to-day and more strategically. At Consult and Design we have provided young people from a range of backgrounds with their first step into a working world, building their confidence, destroying preconceived theories of businesses and forming realities.


Providing ourselves as a mentoring connection with the University of Sunderland and other regional support organisations delivers a supportive step for those forming a new business.

Support can be comforting to any new organisation, allowing them to ask questions and build a network of contacts. We believe that sharing knowledge creates benefits for all; as building a successful foundation for companies and initiatives, supports the production of a thriving economy. We have worked with new companies, individuals and start-ups to provide an active listening ear, while sharing our knowledge and experience to help them with the next steps in their entrepreneurial adventure.

Frontrunner Leadership Scheme

Today was very important to participate and come up with solutions for a challenge, and I feel like the company heard our ideas and valued every single one. It felt great to be met with such inspirational people.

Frontrunner 2017 Participant about the session with Consult and Design

The Frontrunner scheme is led by Common Purpose for Sunderland University students and takes place over the course of three days crafting young leaders. It allows the students to understand how to thrive in particular circumstances, interact with other leaders, and understand influence. Having been involved with Frontrunner for three years, we have provided students with the foundations of how, as a leader, you can get others to understand your vision and lead people towards turning ideas into reality.

Consult and Design are also honoured to have been awarded Silver and Gold awards in Skills and Education Activities from Sunderland Software City for helping young people become the next leaders in digital.

We firmly believe that the investment in young entrepreneurs will help the City of Sunderland and wider North East region to have a stronger economy and better quality of life. We also feel very lucky to have met many talented and passionate young people who we are sure will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Adam Hill

Adam Hill


Adam has been working in the tech sector for almost 20 years and has managed many large-scale web development projects. Adam doesn't shut up about Drupal and travels the world to talk about it.

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