Life as an intern at Consult and Design

Lizzie Henderson

As students we are set loose in the summer, to claw our way up the corporate ladder or head to a sun soaked beach to obtain vitamin D; which we have had stolen from us in the semester.

However, as an individual who has always feared the corporate culture portrayed in movies… Prior to my internship, I had conjured negative images of the occupants of office buildings. The people in offices were like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, or Lester Burnham from American Beauty. Being fed on movies it was not a radical conclusion to make, that office buildings were filled with self-absorbed individuals who were driven crazy by their bleak surroundings.

Thankfully, reality is not like an award winning movie. I found myself in Consult and Design, as far away from these fictional offices as you can get. Instead, the office is made up of a group of laid back, genuinely nice, individuals who are passionate about their specialized area. The days were filled with the drum of music echoing softly against the bright orange wall, with sun streaming in from the wall made of windows.   

In the upbeat office, that held the occasional trickle of productive conversation between team members, I developed a key understanding of how a company operates. I learned how applications of marketing vary in comparison to theory, but that the tools developed in the classroom, PESTLE  and SWOT, hold everything together. I obtained the knowledge of how businesses apply digital and traditional marketing, with a range of methods from networking to SEO and Google Analytics. Not to mention, I observed the key process of how to incorporate the entire team into a rebrand of the company. From my observation I witnessed how each unique unit of the company fits together, working in perfect harmony to achieve their goals.

It is due to the people who make up Consult and Design, whose office overlooks the Sunderland Winter Gardens, that I feel welcomed into the working world. No longer am I filled with dread at the prospect of advancing into the working community, but I strive to expand my prospects and learn more about unique service industries.

I am thankful for my time at Consult and Design, as I have obtained a irreplaceable insight into a technology sector normally overlooked by the population of Sunderland. Over the course of my internship I have become part of thriving team, that’s management sparks creativity while allowing for team bonding through the form of Jenga and conversations of pop culture.

I’ll be taking away an understanding of the difference between web-applications and websites. But, more importantly, I now know that society’s values can be upheld while still conducting a business.

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