Changes are afoot here at Consult and Design as we gear up for our next stage of growth.

First of all, we are really sad to announce that our Project Manager, Cameron Shaw is leaving us this week. Cameron has been an integral part of our team since he joined us in August 2015 and we are really going to miss him.

That said, we are also extremely happy (and hugely envious) as Cameron is leaving us in order to travel the world with his partner and embark upon an amazing adventure that we know will provide exciting challenges of an entirely new nature to managing the projects at Consult and Design. We hope you will join with us in wishing Cameron well on this next stage of his life.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to develop our strategy for succession as Cameron’s are big boots to fill. Based on client feedback and team consultation we are starting a process to improve our infrastructure for client support and project development. We are working to increase our capacity in this area which will mean we can deliver projects to an even higher standard.

Welcome Amanda

The first step in this process is the addition of Amanda Potts, who will be taking on the role of Project Manager. Amanda brings a wealth of experience to our team, as well as fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. Amanda will be introducing herself over the coming weeks as she begins to settle in to her new surroundings.

Amanda will then be joined by our Client Support Administrator, which over time will significantly increase our capacity in helping provide the best possible help and support to our clients. We’ll have more news to share on this soon!

These are exciting times at Consult and Design and while we know Cameron will be missed, we’re delighted to welcome some new faces to our team as we look to continue to build on our strengths.

Adam Hill

Adam Hill


Adam has been working in the tech sector for almost 20 years and has managed many large-scale web development projects. Adam doesn't shut up about Drupal and travels the world to talk about it.

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