For those who don’t already know, Drupal is the open source web building platform that we use to create our incredible web sites and applications. It is developed by people and organisations across the world that invest their time into making truly world-class products. We have been part of this amazing community for well over a decade. Drupal and Consult and Design have both come a long way over that time.

DrupalCon is the conference organised by the Drupal Association, with a team of volunteers. Our Operations Director, Adam Hill manages the on-site volunteers, and has done so for most of the last 6 years. This year Adam was also speaking on a panel about his role in the Drupal Community Working Group, so he headed to the conference, which was held in the beautiful City of Vienna.

The conference brings together people from all the different parts of the Drupal community into one place for a week. Developers, designers, content managers, business leaders and more all spend time learning, sharing, creating and celebrating together in various forms and places — it’s really something unique to witness and experience.

The format of the week-long event starts with a community day on Monday, in which people access various activities such as training sessions, the community summit, publishing summit, open social summit and a business summit, complemented by all-day code sprinting for developers. This year the first day was organised by Drupal Austria community and done so exceptionally well. The Community Summit that we attended focused on looking at the future of DrupalCon, Drupal Governance and finding new ways to work together.

It was also worth noting the new “distribution” based summits that addressed the use of new and exciting products built in Drupal to specifically address social network development and publishing. The whole day was a great way to start the event off.

Following the first day, the DrupalCon official conference began with over 120 talks and panel sessions by members of the community across 12 tracks. There was way too much to cover in one blog post but we hope to cover some more specific topics in the near future.

In general, it’s very clear that Drupal 8 has entered a new era of maturity and Dries (the Founder and Lead of the Drupal project) highlighted some of this in his Driesnote. The vision is becoming clearer and it involves Drupal powering “ambitious” projects with a focus on “API first”.

As we move to a web that is much more than just serving up HTML pages, it is encouraging to see that Drupal has this at its heart and that the flexible, diverse tools Drupal provides can power JavaScript front-ends, mobile applications and IoT projects to name but a few. The focus on user experience is also encouraging and provides exciting opportunities for making it even easier to fix complex business problems with user-centric tools.

Once again though the stand-out for us was seeing how Drupal is affecting people. From the people who use it to develop amazing web experiences like Consult and Design, to the people and organisations whose lives are changed by those experiences, Drupal is gearing up for the next ten years and growing to be even stronger than it has over the last decade.

Drupal as a project is as strong as it's ever been, and the Drupal Community is positive and looking to the future. And that future is bright.

If you would like to find out more about how Consult and Design could use Drupal to help you make positive change in your organisation, please get in touch.

Adam Hill

Adam Hill


Adam has been working in the tech sector for almost 20 years and has managed many large-scale web development projects. Adam doesn't shut up about Drupal and travels the world to talk about it.

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