Consult and Design International is among the most experienced, knowledgeable and active companies using Drupal in the North and a constant reference point not only for our clients, but for other Drupal companies. We are always at the cutting edge of developments not only in Drupal, but in web standards and web technologies at large.

We have been using open source, Drupal software since 2006 to create websites that rapidly create visible value. In the Northern region, we educate businesses and organisations about how they can use Drupal to rapidly deploy sophisticated, flexible and robust websites, social media networks and applications.

We have initiated a number of supply side programmes to develop a core of high calibre Drupal developers in the region. In 2011, we founded the Drupal North East user group and in 2012 we set up Drupal Academy, providing specialist training and support. In 2013, we are working in partnership with Sunderland Software City and local Universities to run Drupal training events.

Consult and Design are active at the heart of an International Drupal community of more than 800,000 active members. Our consultants bring the latest knowledge and insights to your project. Consult and Design have been involved in the following national and international activities with Drupal.

  • Founders of Drupal North East, the regional meeting of Drupal developers in the North East of England and Cumbria
  • Part of the organising committee, management team and sponsors of the International DrupalCon held in London in 2011, Munich in 2012 and Prague 2013.
  • Attendees at DrupalCon’s in Paris, San Francisco, Chicago and Copenhagen as well as presenting at Drupal Camp in Latvia
  • Organisation and Individual members of the Drupal Association

Consult and Design are leading UK experts in Drupal implementation and development. Get in touch to find out more about how Drupal could benefit your business.

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